Insights on Innovations, Evolutionary Shifts, and Secular Trends

The Case for Evolutionary Investing
April 01, 2020
Evolutionary Investing is an investment approach that takes advantage of an evolving economy.  This unique approach positions investors to benefit from leading innovators driving structural or evolutionary shifts across a growing number of industries, while seeking to minimize the negative impacts of disruption.  We believe this is the next generation of concentrated growth investing. We live in the Age of Innovation where the pace of innovation...
Are Secular Trends and Evolutionary Shifts Powering Your Portfolio?
March 24, 2020
Market volatility—the short-term gyrations of risk-on to risk-off and back—doesn’t have to be an investor’s focus. Investors can liberate themselves from the potentially paralyzing impact of day-to-day volatility by re-focusing on the true drivers of long-term investment returns. What are those long-term drivers? At Evolutionary Tree, we talk a lot about the importance of innovation as a long-term driver of value creation. There is another major...
Meet the Team
March 11, 2020
Here at Evolutionary Tree Capital Management, innovation-focused investing is what we do. We also believe the best partnerships are built upon strong relationships between people. This is why we have penned a “Meet the Team” blog series which is designed to help you to get to know us better.   Behind the Portfolio: Thomas Ricketts, CFA Meet Thomas (“Tom”) Ricketts, President, CIO and Portfolio Manager at Evolutionary Tree. Over his 22-year...
Digital Transformation is Far from Done as a Secular Growth Driver
February 24, 2020
There are certain types of technologies that have the power to transform companies and even entire industries. Academics call these technologies “general-purpose technologies.” Their development and evolution have often been the underlying engine of economic development and productivity jumps. They also can spawn a number of value-adding investments for investors. This blog post focuses on the current general-purpose technologies transforming...
Welcome to the Evolutionary Tree Blog
February 21, 2020
Welcome Readers. We are excited to introduce this blog as a way to share our unique investment insights and differentiated, evolution-based approach to investing in growth equities. Evolutionary Tree Capital was founded on a vision to apply an innovation and evolution-focused framework to concentrated growth investing. We believe the development of innovation and its resultant pattern of evolutionary change is the primary engine of growth for...

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