Insights on Innovations, Evolutionary Shifts, and Secular Trends

Books That Inspire Us: Where the Money Is

Growth Is the New Value

Books That Inspire Us: A New Blog Series Featuring Our Team’s Favorite Reads

Technology: The Solution to Labor and Inflation Problems

The 2020s are Not 1999: Today’s Unique Opportunity in Quality Software and Cloud Stocks

Quality Innovators: Resilient Fundamentals in the Face of Inflation

Finding Innovation Beyond Just Technology

Why Boutiques Have an Advantage in the Age of Innovation

Evolutionary Tree’s Innovation-Focused Strategies Rank in the Top Quartile of Their PSN Peer Universes

Lessons We Can All Learn From: Women in Investing

Quality Innovators: Growing Rapidly and On Sale

Evolutionary Tree’s Flagship Innovation-Focused Strategy Again Achieves Top Ranking Within PSN’s Large-Cap Growth Universe

Big Innovation Has Impact: Driving Evolutionary Shifts and Creating Competitive Advantage

The Power of Innovation to Drive Sustainable Growth and Returns

Interview with Tom Ricketts Featured on Financial Advisor Online Magazine Website

Innovation as The Third Style of Investing

Evolutionary Tree’s Flagship Innovation-Focused Strategy Ranks #1 Within PSN’s Large-Cap Growth Universe

Investing in Makers, Not Fakers

Monitoring the Evolving Pulse of Innovation in Health Care

The Kick-Start Effect: The Real Story Behind How Innovators are Faring in a Re-Opening Economy

Meet the Team – Dan Ayre

The Power of Evolution to Create Long-Term Opportunity

Why Allocate to Innovation?

Meet the Team – Christina Clark

Evolutionary Tree Celebrates 3-Year Track Record for Its #1-Ranked Growth and Innovation Strategy

Navigating Change: Finding Investable Innovation

Stick with Secular Growers Versus Chasing the "Re-Opening Trade"

Meet the Team - Jonathon Ansley

Secular Growth in a Rising Rate Environment

Evolutionary Tree Wins Multiple 1st Place PSN Top Guns Awards

Innovation Is Not Going to Stop

Will Innovation Still Offer Growth and Investment Opportunity in the Future? Part 2

Will Innovation Still Offer Growth and Investment Opportunity in the Future? Part 1

Top 3 Blogs of 2020

Evolutionary Tree Ranks in Top 1% of PSN Peer Groups

The Importance of Identifying Emerging Innovators

The Power of Culture in the Age of Innovation

We’re Still in the Early Innings of the Shift to Cloud Computing and SaaS

Evolutionary Tree Strategies Win PSN Top Guns Awards for Q2 2020

Navigating a Bifurcating Economy: Leaning Into the Digital Economy, Which is Healthy

Biotech is Just Getting Started as a Growth Industry

The Rise of Intellectual Capital and the Shift to Intangibles

Leading Innovators are Less Risky than Blue-Chippers

[Vlog] Our Innovation-Focused Research Process

How Innovation-Focused Strategies May Provide Both Offense and Defense

[Vlog] Why is an Evolutionary Lens So Important for Investors?

Press Release

Innovation Investing and Capturing Value Creation on the S-Curve

Navigating the Bear Market of 2020

Historical Growth vs. Root Causes of Growth, We Focus on the Latter

The Great Digital Acceleration: Recessions Often Accelerate Secular Trends and Innovation Adoption

The Case for Evolutionary Investing

Are Secular Trends and Evolutionary Shifts Powering Your Portfolio?

Meet the Team - Tom Ricketts

Digital Transformation is Far from Done as a Secular Growth Driver

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